Application Procedures

Upon admission, all new students must obtain and read thoroughly the following regulations;

  1. Students’ By-laws
  2. Examination Regulations
  3. The constitution of institutes Students Organization
  4. Library Regulations

Selection Procedures

The institute selects candidates for admission solely according to NACTE guidelines and therefore all applicants are advised to abide with the updated criteria provided by the two regulatory bodies

Admission office shall inform the selected applicants about their successful applications and the programmes they have been selected together with reporting dates, fees, duration of the programme and other relevant information.

Documents   Produced During Registration

During Registration every student must produce the following documents:

  1. Sponsors commitment form
  2. A dully filled acceptance form to abide by the College Rules and Regulations
  3. A dully filled medical Examination form
  4. Original receipts of the money paid to the Institute as application fees  (10,000)
  5. Original certificates, academic transcripts, statement of results etc
  6. Birth Certificate.
  7. Two stamp size photographs (coloured) recently taken
  8. Resident permit (foreigners only).

Registration of Students

  1. Selected candidates are required to register after they have paid at least first installment of the tuition fee within the first two weeks after the commencement of the course.
  2. Deadline for Registration for the first year students shall be two weeks from the first day of the orientation week, while for continuing students is the Friday of the second week after the commencement of the first Semester session.
  3. No student shall be allowed to change courses later than the second week from the commencement of the course.
  4. No change of names by the student shall be allowed during the course of study. Students shall be allowed to use names appearing on the certificates which qualified them for admission
  5. No applicant who was previously disqualified from the institute of or any other College/Institute/University for Examination cheating shall be admitted into the institute until a period of up to one year elapses.
  6. If any student previously disqualified from the Institute or any other College/Institute/University would be discovered to have cheated and obtained admission, shall be discontinued from the studies.
  7. Certificates obtained outside Tanzania should get translation from the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) and National Examinations Council


The Institute enrolment shall be limited to the available facilities. The management will from time to time determine the number of students to be enrolled at its Campuses.