Teaching Staff 

ICPS’s teaching style is practical, personal and flexible. Training and learning is always guided, collaborative and hands-on, so you always feel in safe hands.

Our instructors and staff are our best assets. They bring their unique life experiences, educational background and innovative ideas to our learning centre. This ensures you receive theoretical and practical training based on current industry standards.

Our passionate teaching staff deliver courses and subjects that are industry orientated and job specific, ensuring your learning experiences equip you for life after studying


  1. Chairman of Council

Prof. Dr.  Ali Seif Mshimba:  PhD (Martin Luther University of Lepzig; Lipzing Germany.

  1. Principal

Dr. Said Gharib Bilal: PhD (USA), MA (USA), BSc (Dar Es Salaam)

  1. Registrar

Mr. Ali Silima Faki: BBA (Zanzibar)

  1. Academic Officer

Haji Vuai Ali: MA (Dodoma), BA (Zanzibar)

  1. Dean of Student:

Mr. Ramadhan R. Hassan: BBA (Zanzibar).

  1. Director of Research and Consultancy

Mr. Mtambua H. Haji: MSc (Mzumbe) BA (Zanzibar)

  1. Admission Officer:

Mr. Gilbert Patrick: BA-ME (Moshi University College)

  1. Head of Department of Business:

Mr. Salum Khamis Ali: BBA (Zanzibar)

  1. Head of Department of Management:

Mr.  Abass I. Sanya: BA (Zanzibar), Dip (England) Dip (India), Cert    (Japan)

  1. Head of Department of Information Technology:

Ms. Rukia A Muhunzi BSc IT (Zanzibar)

  1. Assistant Head of Department of Business

Yussuf Soud Mgeni: BSc (IPS, Dar) Dip (IPS, Dar), CIPS (UK)

  1. Assistant Examination Officer

Salama Mkadam Haji: BA (Zanzibar), Cert (IPA)